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Introducing the innovative Justin Industrial Air Table, revolutionizing material handling with advanced air cushion technology.


Designed to facilitate seamless movement of heavy loads between workstations, the Justin Industrial Air Table employs a unique system where air is released only upon contact with the nozzle ball. This precision release mechanism ensures optimal air usage, lifting the product effortlessly while virtually eliminating friction between the product and the table surface.


As a result, users can manipulate heavy boxes, cardboard, and paper stacks with minimal effort in any direction. With Justin, manual displacement of heavy materials becomes a breeze, promoting efficiency and reducing the risk of work-related injuries.

  • Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and efficiency

  • Constructed with durable materials for heavy-duty performance

  • Exemplifies superior craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal

  • Operates silently for a seamless work environment

  • Effortlessly portable, facilitating movement between work areas

  • Customizable to your specific size and configuration preferences, ensuring a tailored solution for your requirements


Available sizes

  • 32” x 48”, with or without “T” exit.

  • 32” x 60”, with or without “T” exit

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