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Introducing our HUGO inline de-stacker!


Hugo stands as the shortest inline de-stacker available on the market.


Designed to efficiently de-stack books before an inkjet station or any other inline application, Hugo offers unparalleled flexibility.

It allows stacks to pass through with or without de-stacking action, accommodating material as thin as 1/8" thickness.


With impressive speeds of up to 10,000 books per hour, Hugo ensures swift and precise processing.

  • Size Range: From 12’’ x 11 ½ ‘’ (305 x 290 mm) to a minimum of 4’’ x 4’’ (100 x 100 mm)

  • Book Thickness: Maximum 2 1/2’’ (63.5mm) and Minimum 1/8’’ (3mm)

  • Operating Speed: Up to 10,000 books/hour (for 4” x 4” size) or 8,000 books/hour (for maximum size)

  Standard Equipment:

  • Three-belt conveying section

  • De-stacking performed by pinch rollers

  • Manual adjustment for side guides

  • Manually adjustable de-stacking pinch roller

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